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[ENG] Show your love and solidarity: Valentine’s Day dinner at La Pappardella
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¿Is there anything better than be in love? Yes. Be in love and show your most caring side all at once. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at La Pappardella and you’ll get a heart shaped chocolate to contribute with cancer research.

It’s been a year. Here comes again this magic event, the moment we take our heart for a ride and we show it to our significant other. This year, at La Pappardella, we’re pushing it a little too far. Our Valentine’s Day dinner in Valencia, that romantic evening in our Ciutat Vella restaurant in the heart of the city, comes with a special gift to show our solidarity and support.

Cena de San Valentin en Valencia Vicios Italianos Pomodoro mejor pizza centro

At the end of the dinner, we’ll give you a heart shaped chocolate, courtesy of the Cáncer y Vida Foundation. With this chocolate you’ll support cancer research. A very sweet way to show your most caring side.

We’re not alone in this battle. The rest of the Vicios Italianos group and our other restaurants in Valencia, Al Pomodoros and Sorsi e Morsi, will also give this special gift on Valentine’s Day, a very different way to spend this date and to show your solidarity, besides of your love. Book your table now and don’t lose your spot in this celebration.

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Cena de San Valentin en Valencia Vicios Italianos Pomodoro mejor pizza centro